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Authentic Mexican Food!

2 for 1  Lime Margaritas  Saturday through Thursday !

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Ashland City #2

Charlotte TN #1 615-671-5080

3379 HWY 48 North

300 Frey St-Ste 102 

Don Chuys Shrimp Fajitas ALL Jan 2024.jpg

"We know why this place has so many great reviews.

They earned every one! First time but not the last.

Will make this our escape from the crowded restaurants of the city

and enjoy the fresh, flavorful food in this clean, well lit,

comfortable restaurant." 

R.B.     May 13th 2021  5 stars


Fast and awesome service for  6 paired with good food! 

  M. Prieur   May 5 2023  5 stars

Don Chuys Nachos with Margarita Picture.

Charlotte To Go


Mexican & American Beer 

 Fabulous  Margaritas!

Mixing Drinks
Love Poster

Ashland City To Go 


Don Chuys Chicken Burrito with rice bean


Don Chuys Shrimp fajitas May 2021.jpg

Sizzling Shrimp Fajitas


Grilled Pineapple Chicken

Don Chuy's Mexican Grill  #1    3379 Highway 48 N   Charlotte TN 37036


Don Chuy's Mexican Grill  #2  300 Frey St Ste 102 Ashland City TN 37015


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