339 Google Reviews 10/03/19


        4.5 Stars!

Great Service, Great Food and Great Margaritas! This is the ONLY Mexican restaurant I will be goint to from now on!

Jackie Luedke  5/5 stars   8/14/19                         

Had a birthday party of 10 people and Don Chuys rocks! Courteous  waiters, waitresses, lots of delicious food. I would recommend this place to anyone if you like Mexican Food.   5 stars  1/17/19

The food was wonderful and the staff very friendly and helpful 5/5 George Tanley 

Very Very good food

Nate Sullivan                             3/1/17

                          5 Stars                      

5 Stars!

Randy Valerio                            3/3/17

I recently took my kids to eat at Don Chuy's and we were really impressed with the quality of the food. Great value for the price-better than other restaurants in the area. Will definitely be back!


David Boisvert ~ Dickson TN   2/19/17

5 Stars

Margaritas!      5 stars!

Asuncion Herrera                        3/4/17              

Great Service and Food       7/25/17


  Ron Wright            5 Stars! 

I like the staff, they are very nice and the food is good also!                                                                                             Terry Evens            5 stars       7/31/17

Don Chuys Fajita Taco.jpg

5 Stars!

Big Country Stokes                   3/4/17

5 Stars!  Very prompt service and hot food even though the place was very full!  E Helmuth 4/23/17